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Bob Cole is enjoying a comeback season at CBC

Chris Zelkovich of the Toronto Star: “But as Cole showed again on Saturday night during the opener of the Stanley Cup final, he’s enjoying a bit of a revival a year after most had written him off. Sure, there was plenty of evidence that Cole’s not the play-by-play guy he used to be – regularly failing to identify players and missing the obvious from time to time – but there’s also enough to indicate he’s still one of the best in the game.”

Here is the full article from the Toronto Star.

I will admit it. I get razzed sometimes because I still think Bob Cole is great. For me, it isn’t a big game if Bob Cole isn’t calling the game. While I understand he gets criticized for being partial to certain teams or misidentifying the players from time-to-time, his voice makes the game that much more meaningful. Let’s enjoy his last few seasons at CBC instead of calling for his retirement.