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Barry Trotz and free beer for life if he takes Winnipeg Jets job discussed on The Jeff Marek Show

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Jeff Marek and Elliotte Friedman were chatting on The Jeff Marek Show (starts at 11:36) about the offer Manitoba brewery Little Brown Jug made to Barry Trotz saying they will provide him with free beer for life if he takes the head coaching job in Winnipeg. Marek asked Friedman about the Dauphin product and his head coaching prospects.

Friedman indicated:

“I still think it might be a little bit too early. I kinda thought middle of this week. I had some people tell me middle to late this week. I had some people tell me it might end up being a little later. I think one of the things that is part of the whole Trotz package is what happens after he’s done coaching. Does this become a situation where the team that he goes to says ‘ok when you’re done coaching you transition to a management spot with us’ and I think that’s a factor in some of these conversations. I’m also curious to see if Boston, which now has an opening, is part of this too with him. I’m still trying to figure that out. I still don’t think we’re there yet. Like I said I kinda hope middle to end of this week but someone said to me said it might not be that quick and what someone else said to me was they think that one of the questions here is going to be ‘what’s his post coaching future in whatever organization he goes to’.”

So perhaps mid to late this week may not in fact take place. Regardless the waiting continues.