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Anaheim Ducks

Anaheim Ducks post-game audio

Post-game audio from the Ducks dressing room.

Selanne goodbte

Teemu SelanneHis thoughts on the crowd and how did it compare to 2011?  Nice to get the win tonight?  What was going through his mind during pre-game warm up?  What has the city meant to his career?  Is this last time we see him as a player?  What’s his message to the fans?  Did he feel his line mates were trying to feed him tonight? Surprised by reception?  How did he like getting 1st star?  Thoughts on playing with Perry and Getzlaf?  (“Bruce likes to change his lines like underwear”).  His take on the Jets.  Thoughts on Lindholm.  Does he keep mementos from the places he visits?  Where will the moment rank for him?

As a bonus to our Finnish readers/listeners you can catch Teemu answering some questions in Finnish.

Teemu Selanne (in Finnish) –  How did he feel about the game tonight and being back in Winnipeg.  Aside from Winnipeg aspect, how did he feel about game in general?  What is his fondest memory of Winnipeg? How did fans treat him tonight?

Coach Boudreau