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Afternoon Delight

Afternoon Delight: Walsh and Twitter cause controversy

  • Eddie “The Eagle” Belfour has been named goaltending consultant for the St. Louis Blues.  Smart hire by JD and company.  Was there ever a better goalie at getting more out of his limited physical abilities than Belfour?  He was just a tremendous positional goalie with great instincts and terrific form.
  • Saku Koivu was a valuable Canadien…at least that’s what I can decipher from Gabe Desjardins’ post in French.  Our French readers should enjoy that piece.
  • Mike Halford of Orland Kurtenblog says Jeremy Roenick should be a Hall-of-FamerI agree.  Roenick had 500 goals and isn’t that really the magic number for the HOF?
  • Jeff Klein of the NY Times chimes in on Allan Walsh’s Twitter feed.  Great piece by Klein.
  • An interview on Puck Daddy with Jiri Hudler.  Doesn’t sound like he’s aching to go back to Detroit. 
  • According to The Hockey News both the Islanders and Coyotes are going to be terribleIt is never too early for predictions!