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Afternoon Delight

Afternoon Delight: The Weirdness

  • Swedish fans have taken heckling to a new high (low?) by showering the ice with, ahem, self-pleasure devices and passing a giant penis around the crowd. All this in response to a former member of the AIK team being caught with a sex tape. Though I don”t support the Swedish fans being dicks (I do applaud the balls its took to pull this stunt off), I think its an appropriate response to Jan Huokko and his cocky attitude. Hopefully nothing like this makes it over to North America, I can’t imagine what an NHL owner like Charles Wang would think.
  • Disney 1-Southern Professional Hockey League 0.
  • John Buccigross applauds the return of fighting to the NHL. Count me amongst those who like the fighting. I especially enjoyed Buccigross’ line about players hating each other again. Thats what builds excitement and keeps fans interested.
  • Still over at ESPN, Scott Burnside looks at the best and worst line combos thus far while Pierre Lebrun weighs in on rule changes. Seems like most fans want the instigator rule gone.
  • The World of Junior Hockey has a bunch of rosters posted for the World Junior A Challenge, while Team USA’s roster can be found here. No big names anywhere to be seen, but Team USA features at least one potential 1st rounder. Other players are sure to make a name for themselves here, too.
  • For you Habs fans, check out this 1985 beer commerical featuring Boom-Boom Geoffrion and Henri Richard.
  • Check out the Barry Melrose Coach-O-Meter from Barry Melrose Rocks.
  • Mirtle’s new site looks at the youngest players in the NHL.
  • Finally, a little shoutout and homage to all those Jets fans out there. Please enjoy the footage of the last ever Jets goal.