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Afternoon Delight

Afternoon Delight: Pocket-Off

  • H (Mike Hoeffel) and J (David Jarman) on INCH’s A-Z of college hockey.
  • George James Malik, writing at the Snapshots blog, is a little upset with the treatment the Red Wings have received from THN. Like Malik notes, THN often does this to ruffle the feathers. Ask any Oiler fan…
  • Small Thoughts at Large wonders aloud if politics come into play when slotting kids into roles at the Ivan Hlinka tournament. Perhaps, but to me its more likely to be a case of the coach being familiar with players from his league.
  • The underdog Team USA: Olympic Edition, is being built to defeat Canada. They should maybe take a gander at Russia’s roster. I would be worried about Red Dawn II if I were them.
  • The Greatest Hockey Story ever told? Hilarious.
  • The Top 10 Songs for stalking a hockey player. While IC doesn’t condone the stalking, at least the music is worthwhile.
  • This one is from yesterday, but its worth the post. Puck Daddy discusses the risks of going to a game, and comments on a lawsuit arising over a piece of plexiglass. Thankfully a jury saw right through this one.