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Afternoon Delight

Afternoon Delight: Lighthouse

Arena almanac; a Sioux update; step dancing and hockey; and more news from the Island. More clicks to see after the jump.

  • I came across this website today, and if anyone is interested in arenas, take a look. Lots of cool pictures and fan testimonials here.
  • Stay Classy has a NE Division preview where he predicts the Leafs to finish last, thus triggering Armageddon. Expect a knock at your door Burgundy. Toronto Sports Network is coming for you…
  • Count Scotty Hockey amongst those who aren’t all that impressed with ESPN hockey coverage. A little research wouldn’t hurt, though I am convinced ESPN could put together a sweet hockey package if they put in some effort.
  • Were you, just like me, one of those people who thought they would never see a blog post tying step dancing and hockey together? Well played Mr. McLean.
  • If you are into the lower minor leagues of hockey, this blog is for you. Believe it or not, there is  a ton of good hockey being played outside of the NHL and AHL. Give this one a look.
  • Official’s Outlook has an update on the Lighthouse Project and the New York Islanders. WANG.
  • One more update from Goon’s World, where it is being reported that the Sioux nickname deadline has been extended. Check out the comments. Goon is right, some people are just morons.