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Afternoon Delight

Afternoon Delight: Direct TV

How to get some hockey on tv; more predictions; a Sioux update and pimping our guest columnist. More after the jump.

  • Kukla’s Korner has an article from Reuters discussing a coming NHL policy about the use of social networking by the league’s players. I bet some of the old boys at the NHL never imagined having to make up rules this like.
  • Gripping the Stick Too Tight has its predictions up. Don’t forget to offer your thoughts on IC’s comprehensive predictions post.
  • Hockey is My Boyfriend has a very comprehensive list of hockey players and their famous (?) girlfriends. I like the word “comprehensive”.
  • Illegal Curve guest blogger Katrina (Psycho Lady) will be making an appearance on Hockey Buzz Live tonight. Tune in or else.
  • Goon’s World comments on the latest development in the Sioux nickname/logo non-troversy. Goon is doing a great job getting the latest news out there.
  • Hockey Independent discusses the NHL and Direct TV and how to get some hockey satisfaction. Very informative.
  • Hit the Post breaks down last nights Flames-Canucks game.