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Afternoon Delight

Afternoon Delight: Ideas and Excuses

  • The Prince George Cougars had their coaches wearing helmets at practice the other day. I am sure this is the way of the future. General litigiousness and fear of insurance premiums will mean more lids.
  • Coming Down the Pipe with an idea on how to spice up the ADT Canada-Russia Challenge. I think this is a great idea. The current format is a little stale and the CHL teams typically beat the Russians handily.
  • Did you know Chris Pronger has is own website and blog? (Hat Tip, Puck Daddy) I did not know that.
  • Adam Proteau has a few ideas on how to fill time on the NHL Network.
  • Jim Kelley of SI isn’t buying Barry Melrose’s excuses. He may be on to something here, but its tough to guess as to what went on in the room.
  • Good story on a German goalie who continues to play hockey despite being diagnosed with  brain cancer. Just a sec, there’s something in my eye.
  • Scott Burnside hands out grades for the teams. Pretty fair assessments.

Dinner bell rings, time to eat supper and read the latest hockey news as it pertains to the local NHL, AHL and WHL clubs of Winnipeg.

Papers Update:

Morrissey’s leadership on display in Jets’ comeback victory.

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