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Afternoon Delight

Afternoon Delight: Cirque Du So-le-sh#$

  • An antitrust case currently before the US Supreme Court could have a huge impact on the NHL, as well as the other major sports. The outcome will indeed be interesting. Hopefully the court gets the “wise Latina woman” perspective on the issue.
  • It looks like Harvard is very excited to be getting Louis Leblanc. Leblanc should do very well at Harvard, but I don’t expect him to stay there long.
  • If you are in the LA area, be sure to check out the Kings display at LA Live at the end of August. Kings broadcaster Bob Miller will be there performing a one man show on the history of the Kings. Sounds like a fun time.
  • Justin Goldman, writing over at Dobber Hockey, has an excellent article for fantasy hockey GM’s discussing the merits of skill versus the merits of opportunity. Interesting points to consider for every fantasy GM.
  • Puck Update has a little bit (and a couple links) about Fred Shero, and a brief item about Dale Tallon.
  • A few more brother acts from Greatest Hockey Legends, including the Plagers, the Howe’s and the Cooks. The Plagers sound like fun guys to have on a team.
  • I must have missed this one earlier, but please check out Western College Hockey Blog’s 2010 draft list. Several excellent players on the list. Fowler is a wonderful skater and McFarland can really make things happen on the ice.
  • As a special bonus link, please find out how long it would take you to match the salary of this select group of professional athletes.