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Afternoon Delight

Afternoon Delight: Car Wash

  • Ever wanted to see Sheryl Crow in a Beaver’s jersey? Me either. Click if you must. Insert Beaver jokes here.
  • Here is a link to an interview TJ Oshie did in Seattle, with questions asked by a friend of the One Timers and Deflections Blog. No word as to the condition of elevators frequented by Oshie in the greater Seattle area
  • Puck Daddy has a brief interview with Jeff Veillette of, a guy who wants the Leafs to update their famous Maple Leaf logo. Maybe this is the kick in the pants the Leafs need.
  • The Sports Business Journal has an interesting article about the decline in sports coverage by major newspapers in the wake of declining readership and revenues. The marketplace is awash in solid sports reporting these days.
  • Stan Fischler calls on the NHL to extricate itself from the Olympics. Stan makes a good point, but I would imagine the NHL keeps its players in.
  • Spector hands out his free agency awards over at Fox Sports.
  • Just because its Tuesday, please enjoy this photogallery of NHL Ice Girls. If thats not quite enough, how about some hot Hockey Moms/Wives/Girlfriends. Meow.
  • The bonus items features the intersection between hockey and Hollywood, as Rachel Hunter has apparently fled to New Zealand to “lick her wounds” after being dumped by Jarret Stoll. Line forms to the right if Ms. Hunter’s tongue gets tired.
  • In signing news, TSN is reporting that both Denis Grebeshkov (Oilers) and Tomas Plekanec (Canadiens) have re-signed with their respective clubs. Good signings for both clubs. Though the money is right for Grebeshkov, I think the Oilers would have preferred something long term.