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Afternoon Delight

Afternoon Delight: CapCon

The Ottawa Senators work on bonding; One more salvo in the Sioux nickname debate; some ideas to spruce up the preseason and Dan Rosen blogging from Sweden. More after the jump.

  • In a bit of shameless self-promotion by way of a 3rd party proxy, please read Psycho Lady touting herself on Illegal Curve. Welcome!
  • Check out Dan Rosen’s blog from Sweden, where the NHL is preparing to kick off another campaign.  I am excited for the season to kick off, but still unsure as to whether or not its fair to make teams open in Europe.
  • The Hockey Chronicle has a list of lessons learned at the Capitals convention, or CapCon. Sounds like a good time. The Caps are way out in front in terms of getting fans involved.
    Caps Con
  • Razor with some excellent ideas on how to improve the preseason. What colour would be paint the ice?
  • Puck the Media reports on the unusual television configuration to be used by Les Sabres this season.
  • This is a couple of days old, but if you are outside of the Red River Valley, check out the latest installment in the Sioux nickname debate. I am with the reader here. It seems like a politically correct move meant to placate the guilt of some people. With all the real problems going on with some reserves (booze, drugs, poverty), this issue should not see the light of day. I suppose those in favour of the ban want to pat themselves on the back and go on sipping lattes in peace.
  • How the Ottawa Senators go about the business of team building. No revolutionary ideas here. They are all young guys, give them some beer and video games and they should be all set.
  • Theo Fleury, the plucky little guy who was making a comeback attempt with the Flames, has officially retired a Calgary Flame. Our best to Fleury in whatever he decides to do next.