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Afternoon Delight

Afternoon Delight: B-5 You Sunk My Battleship

  • Goon’s World is reporting that University of Nebraska-Omaha plans to announce a new head coach today. Illegal Curve has been tipped to the identity of the new coach, but we will hold our news and analysis until official word comes down.
  • One Timers and Deflections talks Game Sevens. The anticipation is building!
  • nhlol has some more funny pictures. Pretty clever stuff and definitely good for a laugh.
  • Just a reminder that Melt Your Face Off will be live blogging the game tonight. Seems these guys haven’t liked the series thus far…
  • Some draft previews from Coming Down the Pipe, including the Flames, Rangers and Canadiens.
  • The Program has a little info on This Day in Hockey History plus news and notes before Game 7.
  • I came across this blog today and thought it might interest our readers (and writers!). Its called Hockey, Hot Chicks and Somewhere In Between. Yowza!