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Afternoon Delight

Afternoon Delight

Globe and Mail:  NHL set to play preseason games all over the worldAnyone want to see the Jets play in Charlotte, N.C?

SportingNews:  Canadian hockey scribes return fire after Kovalev criticismI liked this line from Wayne Scanlan of the Ottawa Citizen.

“Admit it, Ottawa media. We are a beer-smuggling, non-hockey-watching lot. And still, we work harder on game nights than Alex Kovalev.”

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette:  The furry thing and the draftSo many jokes so little time.  Still nothing concrete about whether or not Pittsburgh will be hosting the draft next year.

Globe and Mail:  What rules will the NHL test at its R&D camp Wow, those are some serious tweaks.  The offsides rules are especially interesting.  What change appeals most to you as a fan?

Washington Examiner:  Caps hire John Walton as new radio broadcasterEven when it comes to broadcasting, the Caps still develop their talent via the AHL.

Yahoo Sports:  On 23rd anniversary of trade, Bruce McNall and the ‘Gretzky tax’That goes in the “I did not know that” category.  Gotta give McNall credit, that idea had moxy.