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Afternoon Delight

Afternoon Delight: St. Clair De-Commits

Some college hockey news featuring CC; an update from North Dakota; remembering Russian players who’s name I cannot pronounce; blogs for everyone; Tom Lynn weighs in on trades

  • A couple of interesting pieces at Western College Hockey Blog, including a profile on Colorado College commit Rylan Schwartz, and a note that Colten St. Clair has rescinded his commitment to Colorado College. St. Clair has really made a name for himself lately, and should attract a lot of attention.
  • Hockey Observer has a profile on Nikolai Drozdetsky, the top scoring Russian at the 1984 Olympics. The name didn’t ring any bells with me, and I recall watching those Olympics intently.
  • Psycho Lady discusses her marital problems with her husband, hockey. Lets hope they stay together, for the kids.
  • The perfect blog for the hockey/car enthusiast.
  • Did you ever ponder a world without a blog comparing Rob Schremp to Belgium? Does any prospect with Schremp’s resume get this much ink?
  • Tom Lynn’s blog discusses getting full value for a trade.
  • One more update on the Sioux nickname controversy from Goon’s World. The controversy that won’t go away.