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Afternoon Delight

Afternoon Delight: FRIDAY!

  • Gregg Drinnan at Taking Note offers up his thoughts on the Overtime/Shootout point system. Good points all. I think it will be a while until we see this implemented, but count me in as a fan of removing the 1 point for the loss.
  • World of Junior Hockey has an updated Russian roster for the ADT Challenge.
  • Kristina Rutherford has an interesting article about playing through concussions. Adam Proteau has a little more on concussions here. I agree with Proteau in that all leagues, not just the NHL, should be proactive in tackling this issue lest old hockey players end up like old football players.
  • Miss Virginia is a goalie. Insert 5-hole joke here.
  • A look back at the first year of the two-GM system in Dallas. Will this system continue to survive or will they blow the team up and start over?
  • Pierre Lebrun says that the NHL is fun to watch right now, despite its issues. Agreed. I have seen quite a few games already and there was only a handful of stinkers in the bunch.
  • The criminal investigation continues into the death of Rangers’ prospect Alexei Cherepanov.
  • Dave Gagner offers up some advice for his son Sam of the Edmonton Oilers. Gagner isn’t playing poorly, but the goals just aren’t going in. If he continues to play with Hemsky, the points will come.