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Afternoon Analysis

Afternoon Analysis: Completed Passes

IC is proposing to study the effect of completed passes on a team’s chance of winning.

Since the rumour wire is very slow today, I thought I would take a different tack with today’s post. I figured that no one would mind if skipped the analysis on where Ville Koistenen would end up.

I have been reading a lot of different blogs lately, most of which comment heavily on different statistics. A couple of commenters have wondered aloud about whether or not completed passes have a measured effect on a team’s won-loss record.

In light of this question, I am proposing a brief study on a few games (NHL, college, junior etc.) to see whether or not this question can be proved one way or the other. Like the global warming outfits, this study will feature dubious science, and is really just designed for conversation purposes.

If any readers are interested in watching a few games and keeping track of the passes, please let me know. I would track it just like football. Any attempt counts and the pass must be accepted and held on to for a completion to occur. A deflection, bouncing puck or even bad luck won’t factor in here, the pass will still count as incomplete. As will a pass that really couldn’t be accepted. If there any other variables you want to ask about, hit it up in the comments.

If we can get enough action here, we will do our best to publish the results online.