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Afternoon Analysis

Daily Rumour Analysis: Catching Up

Taking a look at the Islanders, Oilers, Hurricanes, Senators and Thrashers.

Since I have been out of town for a few days, I thought I would offer some quick thoughts on a few rumours floating around the internet.

-The idea that the Islanders could add players for a playoff run is, to me, a terrible idea. The team is headed in the right direction and dealing any assets (even picks) at this point seems like a bad idea. No need to re-start the building process just to sneak into 8th place. I realize they have a lot of cap room, but there are better ways to spend that money.’

-The turmoil in Edmonton has naturally given rise to a host of rumours. Eric Staal to Edmonton isn’t happening because they would need to trade about 8 players to fit him under the cap. Dumping salary isn’t likely an option since very few of their current healthy players would command much interest. Dealing from a position of weakness will only worsen the problem.

-The Canes are similarly unlikely to deal, at least right now. They do have several veteran FA’s on the roster (Whitney, Ward et al) and could move one or all of them at the deadline. I wouldn’t expect anything til then.

-Ottawa is thought to be shopping Brian Lee. The former 9th overall pick is not progressing and will likely be chalked up as a bust sometime soon. I was curious as to why Ottawa took him so high, as he wasn’t even the best defender on the Sioux when he was still there. Some scout must have “seen him good” as the saying goes.

-Atlanta could look into trading Kari Lehtonen when their injury situation stabilizes. Lehtonen is oft-injured, but could be a depth pick-up for a team desperate enough to go shopping for a goaltender. He is a good keeper when healthy, but still presents a risk.