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9/22 Illegal Curve Hockey Show Part 1

Download part 1 of Saturday’s Illegal Curve Hockey Show. Guests: Randy Turner and Dan Wiederer. Topics: Evander Kane signs with the Winnipeg Jets, NHL revenue sharing, the dispute regarding the calculation of HRR, replacement officials in the NFL.

The Illegal Curve Hockey Show – September 22, 2012 – Part 1

IC Show in studio

Please note, due to the NHL Lockout and the lack of negotiations between the NHL and the NHLPA this week’s Illegal Curve Hockey featured football and baseball discussion in hours two and three.

0:00 – Evander Kane signs with the Winnipeg jets

13:46 – Interview with Randy Turner of the Winnipeg Free Press

28:34 – Revenue sharing in the NHL and how a franchise qualifies

41:29 – HRR and the dispute between the NHL and NHLPA regarding how it is calculated


50:53 – Interview with Dan Wiederer of the Minneapolis Star Tribune (Vikings)

1:02:11 – Replacement officials and their impact

The Illegal Curve Hockey Show airs Saturday’s from 12pm-3pm on TSN Radio 1290.