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Calgary Flames

5 Hole Fanatics Explores 8 Curiosities

Heading into the season, 5 Hole Fanatics sees 8 different situations that leave him wondering WTF?

With September looming large on the horizon, there seems to be a lot of loose ends around the league just sort of sitting lonely and un-attended. Many of them are no-brainer type issues and the fact that they continue to linger will start to raise questions in the minds of various fanships around the league sooner rather than later. Here’s my list of 8 curiosities that should have been taken care of weeks ago.

1.) Flames cap issues.

Sutter waived Nilson, Warrener and Eriksson in the first week of July, ostensibly for the purposes of allowing other clubs to take them for free or, failing that, buying one or more of the bad contracts out. Neither happened and Sutter has instead gone about stocking the roster beyond it’s fill point, both in terms of number of players and total cap hit. Now, Calgary’s GM has just over a month to shave some 3M from the Flames pay-roll, with ever-narrowing avenues to do so.

Check out the comments for some partial explanations to his questions.