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32 Thoughts Podcast: How Bruins firing Bruce Cassidy tossed a wrench into teams searching for a new head coach

With Boston firing their head coach it has created some ripples for teams looking for a new bench boss.

On today’s 32 Thoughts Podcast Jeff Marek and Elliotte Friedman were discussing the Bruins firing head coach Bruce Cassidy. Friedman mentioned how it has tossed a wrench into the planning for teams who are looking for a new head coach many of which (including the Jets) who hold Barry Trotz as the top option (starts at 51:00).

Friedman on what the firing has done to the coaching market:

“….we’ve got to wait to see how this all sorts out. This has thrown a wrench that a lot of people didn’t really expect. I think that one of the things that kinda happened here was everything was kinda settling down. Everybody knew who was kinda on Trotzwatch and they were starting to interview other candidates. Like one of the things I agree with you about is that, I think Winnipeg waited a long time. I think they were Trotz only and I’m just wondering if Winnipeg is beginning to suspect it may not work out for them and they started looking at some other candidates. You mentioned Tocchet. You mentioned Arniel. We talked about Montgomery and I do think Montgomery has a shot there. And we’ll see where that goes.”.

Friedman went on to yammer about John Buccigross and how he linked Philadelphia and John Tortorella before he returned to the topic at hand:

“…what I think is happening now Jeff is that, I think in all of these situations it was Trotzwatch but now start to interview your other people in case he takes the year off or you’re not the team. I think that’s what teams were starting to do and now all of a sudden Cassidy is dropped on everybody. It might reset this process a bit.”

Which means you’ll have to stay tuned because this could drag out a bit longer than expected.