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Winnipeg Jets

32 Thoughts Podcast: Discussing Winnipeg Jets sweep through Florida with plenty of praise for Connor Hellebuyck

Marek and Friedman discuss all that is happening in the NHL including a look at the Jets.

On today’s 32 Thoughts Podcast, Jeff Marek and Elliotte Friedman discussed the Winnipeg Jets and their sweep through Florida.

They also discussed netminder Connor Hellebuyck and how good he has been.


“Connor Hellebuyck, to me I know Ullmark is having a great year, Connor Hellebuyck is the most important goalie in the NHL this season. I don’t vote on the Vezina. The GMs vote on that. Connor Hellebuyck to me, this weekend, he proved why he’s the most important goalie in the NHL.”

After they discuss the Hart Trophy Friedman says to Marek:

“The other thing too I am wondering, a year from now is Hellebuyck going to be the highest paid goalie in the NHL?”

Marek follows up asking if he believes that Hellebuyck is deserving of a double digit payment? Friedman answers:

“NHL goalie rankings right now, Hellebuyck is the sixth highest paid goalie in the league. We know eventually Shesterkin’s going to go much higher and the guy you mentioned Sorokin is going to go much higher. The first guy I think of was always Vasilevskiy he’s third at 9.5, you got Bobrovsky at 10 and Carey Price at 10.5. We’re not going to count Price even though he’s number one. I just wonder if Hellebuyck’s going to get there.”

Ends with speculation as to whether they run Hellebuyck the rest of the way down the stretch.

Starts at the 32:08 mark. Runs about eight minutes.