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32 Thoughts: Elliotte Friedman adds clarity to Barry Trotz and the Winnipeg Jets

The latest on TrotzWatch 2022

There have been a few rumours swirling around about Barry Trotz and the Jets the last few days.

Today on the 32 Thoughts Podcast, Elliotte Friedman and Jeff Marek provided some clarity.

Marek asked who else Trotz was meeting with in addition to the Jets and Flyers.

Friedman responded:

“I still think there’s supposed to be conversations with at least Vegas and Philadelphia and, although Steve Yzerman is not confirming anything, there’s been rumours of Detroit. There was actually a wild rumour going around Winnipeg on Sunday, that a couple people called me about ‘have you heard that Barry Trotz is going to Winnipeg, he’s chosen, he’s going to the Jets’. I don’t want to say it’s not possible that Barry Trotz is going to the Jets but my best information right now is that’s premature. There’s still a whole process to go through out here. But that was definitely going around the province on Sunday, I got a couple of calls about it. We’ll see. He’s got a lot of interest and we’ll see where it goes over the next week or so.”

Stay tuned as TrotzWatch continues.