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11/30 Illegal Curve Hockey Show Part 1

Illegal Curve Hockey Show – November 30, 2013 – Part 1. Topics: Jets vs. Flyers, Jets week in review, Jets week ahead, Evander Kane. Guests: Mike Colligan, Ray Ferraro, James Gordon.

Illegal Curve Hockey Show – November 30, 2013 – Part 1

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0:00 – Jets lose to the Flyers 2-1 / Jets week in review

14:05 – Jets week ahead (@NYR, @FLA, @TB)

26:19 – Interview with Mike Colligan, NHL analyst at Forbes SportsMoney

42:33 – New tension reported by Bob McKenzie between the Jets & Evander Kane

48:03 – Interview with Ray Ferraro, TSN Hockey Analyst

1:05:57 – Interview with James Gordon, Ottawa Citizen.

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