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1 on 1 with Winnipeg Jets & Manitoba Moose defenceman Dylan Samberg

A chat with the Minnesota product.

A chat with the Minnesota product who is heading into his third season of pro hockey with the Jets and Moose organizations.

Topics included:

1. How was the fishing trip in June up in Northern Manitoba with Cole Perfetti? (:31)
2. Was it nice to have a chance to interact with fans again? (1:32)
3. Has he gotten up to any good summer fishing in Minnesota? (2:09)
4. Suffering the high ankle sprain on day 1 of camp (3:30)
5. Was the return in November a lot easier with how tight the Moose are? (4:27)
6. Transition from Pascal Vincent to Mark Morrison? (4:58)
7. Former Moose assistant coach Marty Johnston joining the Jets (5:50)
8. Why does the pairing with Johnny Kovacevic work so well? (6:24)
9. What is he learning from other Jets prospects on the Moose. (7:42)
10. What did you learn from your first playoff experience in the pros? (8:55)
11. What was it like being told he was being called up for the first time? (10:39)
12. What was it like making your NHL debut in front of 17,000 fans in Detroit? (12:01)
13. Having someone like Neal Pionk with him during his debut (12:54)
14. How many friends and family did he have at the game? (13:30)
15. Having them experience that with him (14:27)
16. Does he keep mementos? Did he keep his first Jets jersey? (15:20)
17. What did it do for your confidence to play a total of 15 games with Jets last season? (16:16)
18. Reflecting back on all those games does any one moment stand out for you? (17:11)
19. Having faced Sidney Crosby and Alex Ovechkin (18:08)
20. Any notable off ice moments during his time in the NHL? (18:45)
21. What area has he focused on improving this summer? (19:40)
22. How does he go about achieving improving his speed (20:22)
23. Does he have much contact with the Jets or Moose during the summer? (21:07)
24. What benefits are there to playing in Da Beauty League? (22:00)
25. Did Nate Schmidt hook him up with Shortside tape and merch? (22:49)
26. Mentality heading into training camp with a lot of left side defencemen in the mix? (23:35)
27. Has he had a chance to chat with the new coaching staff in Winnipeg? (24:19)
28. Fresh start even though it will be largely same team (24:57) 28. What is up for the rest of summer? (25:38)