The Illegal Curve Hockey Show Sandwich Contest

As anyone who has ever listened to The Illegal Curve Hockey Show can attest to, part of the reason we so enjoy being on air is the guarantee of having something to eat post show. Numerous past editions of the program have featured lengthy discussions regarding what’s for breakfast/lunch/dinner after we get off air. (Sometimes […]

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Quick Quotes from Andrew Ladd

The following quotes were taken from this afternoon’s conference call with Andrew Ladd, announcing his 5 year contract with the Winnipeg Jets. When Ladd visited Winnipeg last month, it would be no surprise to Winnipeggers that he got the impression that True North was a first class organization. “They made me feel welcome, and how […]

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Illegal Curve Hockey at the NHL Entry Draft

It’s hump day Wednesday, which usually signifies the beginning of the end of the work week, but for and The Illegal Curve Hockey Show, we are just getting started. Illegal Curve Hockey will be your source for the latest news emanating from what should be a busy end of the week in NHL circles. […]

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Analyzing Rick Dudley’s Tenure as Thrashers General Manager

Rick Dudley has long been known around NHL circles as a shrewd talent evaluator.  Dudley is respected by his peers for not only his ability to spot a talented player but his willingness to do so.  Dudley is not about the spotlight.  His tenures in Ottawa, Tampa Bay and Chicago resulted in eventual organizational success, […]

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2011 NHL Entry Draft Analysis: Winnipeg/Manitoba First Round Primer

We’re number 7! Well, the good news for Winnipeg/Manitoba hockey fans is that might mean the chance to draft the next Jeff Skinner for our new NHL franchise. Winnipeg/Manitoba will have the 7th overall pick at the 2011 NHL Entry Draft in Minneapolis, Minnesota on Friday, June 24, 2011 and if last year’s 7th overall pick, […]

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Winnipeg’s Roster Analysis Part V: Free Agent Forwards, Cap Situation and Moving Forward

Part V. Free Agents Forwards: Unrestricted free agents (UFA) are not as desirable as they were pre-lockout.  Generally, teams lockdown their best players well into their UFA years, which limits the amount of quality star players hitting the market each season.   Winnipeg fans, however, should not expect this team to dabble into signing superstar UFA […]

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