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Classic IC: The Bill Daly Interview

It is hard for many of us to believe that the NHL is about to return to Winnipeg. We are on the verge of a major announcement that will change the city forever. Many of us thought that the NHL would “eventually” return, but it appeared that the team that would return was the Phoenix Coyotes.

However, when NHL Deputy Commissioner Bill Daly appeared on The Illegal Curve Hockey Show on November 27, 2010, his comments on our show sparked a series of rumors about the potential relocation of the Atlanta Thrashers. Daly’s comments didn’t go unnoticed, as every major media outlet picked up on his comments as the speculation on a potential move began.

Here are Mr. Daly’s comments on our show:

Listen to the full interview here:

Bill Daly Interview

It is amazing to think that 5 months later,  it appears we are about to have NHL Hockey in Winnipeg. We at Illegal Curve are extremely excited for the week to come.