Numbers Game: Aggregate Rank – Goals For/Against

In last week’s Numbers Game, I compared each team’s combined power play and penalty kill ranks to their point totals.  For the analysis, I assigned each team an aggregate score which was the sum of their power play rank and penalty kill rank, with the idea being that teams that ranked higher in both categories […]

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Numbers Game: Aggregate PP-PK Rank

On Sunday night I had the privilege of watching the Detroit Red Wings take on the Avalanche at the Joe and when I say privilege, I really do mean it.  It was truly a thrill to watch the Wings offence completely dominate the Avs.  However, despite their offensive dominance, the Wings went on to lose the […]

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Numbers Game: Shots Against vs. Goals Against

In last week’s Numbers Game, I compared teams on their Shots on Goal (SOG) and Goals For statistics.  The analysis revealed that teams ranked in the top 10 in SOG were far more likely to be among the top 10 teams in Goals For.  However, teams that ranked between 11th-20th in the league in SOG […]

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Numbers Game: “Shoot the Puck!”

Shoot the puck – One of the oldest adages in the game; coaches preach it, some players follow it (see Alexander Ovechkin, Jeff Carter), while others seem to painfully adverse to it (see Tomas Kaberle).  The 18,000+ “qualified” coaches that attend the NHL games (with obvious notable exceptions in Atlanta, Phoenix, etc.) scream it on […]

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Numbers Game: Team Shot Differentials

After examining team goal differential on Tuesday, I thought it would be interesting to examine each team’s average shot differential per game and compare the statistics. Teams with the best differential will appear from top to bottom (Where teams rank in goal differential will be in parenthesis): 1.       Detroit Red Wings: +8.0 (3) 2.       San Jose Sharks: […]

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Numbers Game: Updated Standings

Thursday night’s action saw the Western Conference playoff picture become clearer. Both the Vancouver Canucks and Chicago Blackhawks were officially eliminated from the playoffs with losses. The Flames and Predators have locked up the final spots in the West and all that is left is to jostle for a higher playoff seed. Meanwhile in the […]

Posted by Adam in Numbers Game on April 4, 2008

Numbers Game: Push for the Playoffs

Despite the fact that most teams only have 2 games remaining, the playoff matchups are far from being set. In the East, there are 7 teams fighting for 5 spots, while there are 4 teams fighting for the final two seeds in the West. Below is the current standings, including possible points, goal differential, remaining […]

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Numbers Game: Gretzky is the only Great One

In 1982, Gretzky amassed an incredible 212 points. The following 5 seasons, he continued his phenomenal play scoring at least 183 points while leading the league in scoring each season. Lemieux also had some epic seasons. In 1988, he tallied 168 points, following that up with a 199 point season in 1989. Last year, Crosby, […]

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