NHL Preseason Power Rankings: Futures Edition

Who do the sports books think are the favorites for the Stanley Cup? How much has changed since last year?

All 30 teams are ranked according to their average odds to win the Cup this year and last year…with brief analysis. Boston is the biggest climber moving up 14 spots from 19 to 5, while the Stars have the biggest drop, going from 8 to 18.

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Who do the Real Experts Think Will Win the Stanley Cup?

While the talking heads on TSN, ESPN, and Sportsnet know way more about hockey than the average oddsmaker, when it comes to predicting who will compete for the Stanley Cup, I would trust the oddsmakers. I have averaged the Stanley Cup odds from 13 different sportsbooks and grouped all 30 teams into tiers based on […]

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Hockey Betting Training Camp Opens Today

The NHL training camps are a month away, but hockey betting training camp starts today! Many sportsbooks have posted their Stanley Cup futures odds but have yet to post conference odds, division odds, and season point totals for teams. Whether you are a betting beginner or veteran, it is useful to review the basics before […]

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2010 Olympics: Early Odds

It’s a quiet time in the NHL. The marquee names have been signed,and training camps have yet to begin. Not much is happening with NHL odds, so this week we will look at 2010 Olympic gold medal odds. Canada is the clear favorite, followed by the Russians and the Swedes. Six teams have a legitimate […]

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Musts or Busts: Top NHL Offseason Moves

In my recent Covers article, I looked at which free agents will have the greatest impact on their teams`chances to win the Stanley Cup.  The article was written before Koivu signed with Anaheim…  Musts or Busts: Top NHL Offseason Moves You think the NBA offseason is a circus? The NHL offseason has been busy with marquee […]

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2010 Stanley Cup Odds

Every July 1st two significant events occur that people in Canada care about and our neighbors south of the border do not – Canada Day and the free agent frenzy in the NHL. Many quality players found new homes. Some teams improved, other teams lost key components. Our concern is whether oddsmakers were paying attention […]

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Betting on the First Overall Pick: Odds on Each Player to Go #1

Much has been written about which player the New York Islanders will select with the number one selection. Garth Snow has known which player he wants since a few days after the Islanders won the draft lottery. Snow, however, refuses to divulge his team’s selection, leaving fans to speculate. Will it be Tavares, Hedman, or […]

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Finally an NHL Awards Show Worth Watching (and Betting on)

Much to my surprise, a few sports books (BetED, Stan James, The Greek, Betsson, and possibly others) have posted odds on the NHL awards. I will discuss the odds and line movement for some of the awards. Richard has also weighed in on who he thinks is going to win. Hart Trophy: Evgeni Malkin, Alex […]

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