Ten stats that may catch your eye

Our new weekly feature at IC focuses on ten team or players stats that you may not have heard about, after the jump.

Posted by Richard Pollock in Features on December 15, 2009

Edmonton Oilers 2009-10 Season Preview

Ok, now that I have your undivided attention, let’s talk some Edmonton Oilers hockey. The Oilers, as you may have noticed, have been ubiquitous in the news this summer over their failed attemts to land Dany Heatley. This PR nightmare has thankfully faded with the dog days of summer and the new coup is the […]

Posted by rusty in Edmonton Oilers,Features,Season Previews on September 12, 2009

The art of Hockey Card Collecting Part II- Counterfeiting Issues

Here is Part II of our coverage of the hockey card industry.  Today’s article looks at counterfeiting and how it has changed the hobby.  Jeremy Lee, a 30 year hobby veteran from Winnipeg who currently resides in Calgary returns to discuss the problem of counterfeiting within the industry.  1. Tell us about the latest counterfeiting problem in the industry. Maybe first off, […]

Posted by David Minuk in Columns,Features,Illegal Curve News on August 6, 2009

You have to be this tall to become an NHL top scorer!

  Do you want to become an NHL top scorer?  Well to enter this ride you need to be a very specific height.  It seems that a by-product of the 90’s was the concept that you needed to be a giant to be drafted in the NHL.  Guys who were less than 6’0″ were generally disregarded as mere […]

Posted by David Minuk in Columns,Features on July 30, 2009

The art of Hockey Card Collecting – What’s old is new again!

I bet that most hockey fans at one point or another were also hockey card enthusiasts.  I still lament the loss of the box of early 80’s hockey cards that my mom claims she never misplaced.  I remember the excitement I felt when I bought a pack of Canadian Score cards and pulled an Eric Lindros […]

Posted by David Minuk in Columns,Features on July 23, 2009