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New York Rangers

Wondering if the Rangers could still be in the Sundin sweepstakes

From Steve Zipay of Newsday:

And meanwhile, in the background, waits Mats Sundin, the veteran center. I’m puzzled about his reluctance to sign with Vancouver for $10 million a year, or Montreal. Today marks two full weeks since July 1. Why hasn’t he gone for the gusto? I can’t believe he’s ready to retire or go back to the Leafs, but…. Can the Rangers possibly still be in the hunt?

At least two things would have to happen: the Rangers would have to shed around $3 million plus in salary (Purely for math’s sake, let’s say Petr Prucha ($1.6), Betts ($615,000) and Paul Mara ($1.95 million) or Dmitri Kalinin ($2.1 million) or Patrick Rissmiller ($1 mil) and Sundin would have to accept far, far less, perhaps $5 million. And then the Rangers would need another defenseman.

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I just don’t see Sundin going to NY but Rangers fans can dare to dream.