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Winnipeg Jets Tobias Enstrom to have surgery Thursday; out indefinitely

Enstrom to have knee surgery.

Photo Credit: Colin Jensen

Photo Credit: Colin Jensen

As if this Jets squad wasn’t beat up enough add Tobias Enstrom to the mix of players now on the shelf.  Coach Maurice just announced that the top pairing defenceman would be having surgery on Thursday on his knee.

Paul Friesen of the Winnipeg Sun reported that it is a problem that has been bothering Enstorm since November.  Enstrom was able to get through the injury according to coach Maurice because of “blocks of days off..if he could get a two day block he would get a little better and its just getting worse and it continues to get worse and it got to the point where he is not recovering and he hasn’t been for almost a month now.  He is not recovering enough on his days off for the pain ever to subside.  The second goal the other night, the tight turn he made, that’s his play.  He makes that all day long.  And now it is really starting to effect his play and we can’t have the injury get any worse than it is…”said the coach.

Some fans may be wondering if the Jets were in a playoff push would Enstrom still be having surgery and the bench boss indicated that “if we were pushing for the playoffs today he’d still be getting it done.  He’s gotten to a point that we can’t manage the pain anymore and there is no way for him to recover so he needs to get it done.”

While the coach wouldn’t say exactly which knee it was he did acknowledge that Enstrom will be out indefinitely.