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Winnipeg Jets issue statement on ‘Helmet Pardy’

Jets to release a statement about Helmet Party.

No Helmet Party

Don’t break out those buckets just yet Jets fans as the Winnipeg Jets have apparently nixed any attempts by fans to bring helmets to tomorrow’s Jets/Hawks game.

For those scratching their heads wondering what was the reason to have a Helmet Party in the first place, during the Jets and Hawks game back on Wednesday, November 6th defeceman Adam Pardy had his helmet ripped off by a Hawks fan after the glass stanchion was dislodged.

A suggestion was made that fans should wear their helmets to the game as a joke, this idea picked up traction and it sounds like a number of fans were prepared to wear a helmet to the game.

Which brings us to today and according to Mitch Peacock of CBC the Jets will be releasing a statement about preventing this idea from coming to fruition.

Do you agree or disagree with this decision?

Jets statement:

The following is a statement from Mark Chipman, Executive Chairman of the Board & Governor, Winnipeg Jets Hockey Club:

“Earlier this week, we learned of a media-promoted stunt to have Winnipeg Jets fans wear helmets to the game on Thursday, November 21st versus the Chicago Blackhawks.

I would like to let our fans know we in no way endorse this idea and in fact and wish to personally advise that we will not permit fans to wear such headgear at tomorrow’s game.

The Chicago Blackhawks organization, for whom we hold a great deal of respect, conducted themselves with the highest degree of professionalism in the wake of the unfortunate incident on November 6th. We immediately received apologies from Team President & Governor John McDonough & General Manager Stan Bowman. The Blackhawks organization have also personally expressed their gratitude to Winnipeg Jets defenceman Adam Pardy for the way in which he handled himself in a very difficult situation. As well, the particular individual involved that night has extended a sincere apology to Adam and our organization. He is extremely remorseful and has made an unnecessary yet very meaningful donation to the Winnipeg Jets True North Foundation.

I sincerely believe we have the best fans in the entire National Hockey League. Their passion for the game is unequaled. However, this is about professionalism and respect for our great game and for the NHL. These are principles we attempt to follow in all aspects of how we play and present the game of hockey. Adam Pardy exemplified these characteristics and I am confident Winnipeg Jets fans will display that same respect and professionalism this Thursday by refraining from participating in this stunt and not wearing helmets to tomorrow’s game.”

Mark Chipman, Executive Chairman & Governor spoke about the situation:

Mark Chipman

Audio courtesy of TSN 1290 Winnipeg.