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Winnipeg Jets

Winnipeg Jets Team Awards

The Jets have three awards to give out. Who would you pick?

Prior to the last home game of the season the Jets will be revealing the winner of the three team awards they give out at the end of the season.

Jets Three Awards

The awards being given out are;

1)  Dan Snyder Memorial Award – Best embodies perseverance, dedication & hard work without reward or recognition.

2)  Northwest Company Community Service Award – most demonstrated a commitment to our community.

3)  Manitoba Hydro Three Stars of the Game Award – most Three Star selections at MTS Centre.

Past Winners:

Dan Snyder: Stuart (2011).  Redmond (2012).

Community Service:  Slater (2011).  Bogosian (2012).

Three Stars:  Pavelec (2011).  Pavelec (2011).

Who would you select for the above awards for the 2013/14 season?

Dan Snyder –

Community Service –

Three Stars – Looks like Blake Wheeler has this wrapped up (110 points).  Next closest is Ladd (90) although those scores don’t include the April totals.