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Winnipeg Jets Season Finale Interviews

The final opportunity for the media to interact with the 2011/12 Jets. Hear what they had to say about playing in the city.

Buff Scrum

It has been quite a season to remember and here are what some of your 2011/12 Jets had to say about their 1st season in the city:

Ondrej PavelecThoughts on playing in Winnipeg.  His own development.  Highlight from the yearPlaying in the World championships.  His RFA status.

Chris MasonUFA status, is he willing to concede playing time?  Perception of Winnipeg market changed?  What was dressing room like?  Offseason plans.
Masons pads

Zach BogosianHis personal game and development.  Gonna kill some Manitoba animals?  Was move easier or harder than expected?  What surprised him the most about Winnipeg.  Taking what he’s learned into next season. How far is this team from playoffs?  Highlight memory.

Tanner GlassDown time in offseason.  Highlights from season.  His UFA status.  What has the GST line meant to him?  Having time to heal. 

Tobias Enstrom#1 memory from past season.  How does he spend offseason.  Will he play in the World Championships? 

Kyle WellwoodBest memories from the past season.  His personal development.  Will he be pulling for the Flyers to support his brother.  Summer plans. 

Jim SlaterHow important is it to come back to team?  Would he be willing to sign before July 1st?  Having the trust of the coaching staff.  Wanting team to succeed.  Intrigued by learning his market value? 

Mark StuartWhat do the Jets need to do this summer?  Has he been asked to go to the World Championships?  What will he think about this year when reflecting on it 20 years from nowBetter memories (with playoffs) ahead.  Fans expecting more next year.

Andrew LaddWhat do the Jets need to do in offseason?  Is he playing in the World Championships?  Redemption for the season?  Change in culture from Atlanta to Winnipeg.  Can this be accelerated?  Most memorable moment.  Has the reputation of Winnipeg spread?  Higher expectations.

Dustin ByfuglienTough day?  Anything surprise you about Winnipeg?  How much of a toll did it take on the team?  What does team need to do to take next step?  How bad was the injury bothering him?  Will he play in the World Championships?  Improvements to his game?  Offseason plans.

Evander KanePerspective on the season.  RFA status.  Would he do anything differently?  Was it a fun year for him?  Problem being in the spotlight?  Growth as a person?

Blake Wheeler –  Thoughts on year 1.  How far away is this team?  His development.  What needs to be changed?   Was he playing hurt?  Did the year meet his expectations?  World Championships?  Offseason plans.

Bryan LittleWhat is he looking forward to next September?  Start/Finish to seasonHow does he asses his personal game?  How far is team from playoffs?  Stanley Cup predictions.