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Winnipeg Jets provide season seat holders an update regarding new health orders

The Jets are still coming up with a plan to deal with the four games impacted by the new health orders.

With arenas in Quebec, Ontario and BC seeing reductions in numbers it felt inevitable that a similar action would be taking place here in Manitoba which is what did happen when the government on Friday announced new health orders which effectively reduced capacity for events like Jets game to 50%.

Photo Credit: Alexander James (Illegal Curve)

In response the Jets sent an update to their season seat holders on Friday which read as follows:

You may have heard the Province’s recent announcement of new health orders effective Tuesday, Dec. 21 in light of growing COVID case counts and the arrival of the Omicron variant in Manitoba. These health orders include restricting capacity for gatherings in large venues and require Canada Life Centre to reduce capacity to 50 percent for all events effective Tuesday, Dec. 21 through Tuesday, Jan. 11.

The Winnipeg Jets have four games affected by these restrictions: Dec. 27, Dec. 29, Jan. 8, and Jan. 10.

If you are a Seat Holder for one or more of these games, we appreciate that you will have many questions about how this affects your tickets. We are working to determine a seating plan and process that will comply with these new rules and look forward to communicating directly with Seat Holders of affected games by Tuesday, Dec. 21.

Tickets for these games may not appear in your app or account and the transfer and resale functions have been disabled. You will be notified in the future once these functions resume.

If you have tickets for tonight, Dec. 17 and/or Dec. 19, these games remain unaffected by the new health orders and all tickets will be honoured.

At this time, games beyond Jan. 11 will not be affected by these health orders.

We thank you for your patience and understanding as we manage this complex process as quickly as possible.

Meaning tomorrow’s game against the Blues will be the last “full capacity” game for awhile.