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Winnipeg Jets pre-game audio

Jets pre-game audio.

Following a tough loss to the Wild, the Jets had to get right back at it in preparation for tonight’s game against the Stars.

Jets pre-game skate

Blake WheelerKeys to improving puck possession.  Adjusting to tighter neutral zone in Western Conference?  Why does it appear there is a lack of energy?  Is there a hump this team needs to get over?  What does he expect from Dallas today?  

Evander KaneHow does he feel? Group energy?  Does group overthink things as they try to implement new systems?

Bryan LittleBouncing back quickly.  Key to preventing a streak.  Faceoff issues more mental?  Have they set the tone in games?  Keys to increasing puck possession?  What does he think is behind that?  Do they need one player who mixes things up to spur this team?

Audio courtesy of TSN 1290 Winnipeg.