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practice report

Winnipeg Jets Practice Report

A report of the Jets skate MTS Centre.


From the Moose game day skate at the MTS IcePlex I jetted down to the MTS Centre for today’s skate as the Jets returned to the ice following an improbable win over Toronto in OT last night.  No coach Maurice as he was at a luncheon so his assistant coaches ran practice.  Lines were the same as they were in the 3rd period.


Extra:  Thorburn


Hutchinson & Hellebuyck

Post-skate audio:

Mathieu Perreault:  His last outdoor game.  On the comeback and does it help get them ready for this weekend.  Any theories as to why they have struggled in the 2nd period?

Patrik Laine:  Is his shot something he has worked at throughout his development?  What makes it such a good shot? Was there advice from a coach?  Did he see the tweet from Teemu Selanne?  What does Teemu mean to him?  Did he have a lot of text message on his phone following the game?  Now that he has reflected on last night, what does it mean to him?  What does it mean to come from behind and win?  Has he ever played in a game, dying minutes like that where the building got that loud?  On the folks back home following a long with his career.  Does it surprise him that he has Finnish media in Winnipeg following the start of his NHL career?  Is it frustrating having that much attention?  Has he ever played in an outdoor game?  Did he play in a lot of outdoor rinks back home?  When was the last time he talked to Teemu?

Michael Hutchinson:  On the difficulty in stopping Patrik Laine’s shot.  Reflecting on last night’s win.  What was it like to stop Auston Matthews and then see Laine win it?  Wearing the retro gear, excited to get outside?  What is the mindset of heading outside, has he spoken to any guys who have?

Blake Wheeler:  What does it mean mentally to know that you can come back from a deficit? Being able to clean up their 2nd periods.  Does the outdoor game change anything?  Good way to start off a big weekend.