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Note:  Tune into NHL Mid-Week tonight from 6-8 pm on TSN 1290 Winnipeg for all the latest Jets and NHL news.  Guest:  David Ebner (Globe and Mail).

Jets news:

Winnipeg Free Press:  Wounded hand keeps Winnipeg’s Kane off iceNot really sure why the conspiracy theorists were out in full force yesterday when Kane didn’t skate.  He has an injured hand which would make holding a stick difficult.  Nothing too sinister about that.
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Winnipeg Free Press:  Maurice content to let Buff roam at forward — for nowUntil he has a few more healthy bodies up front it makes sense to keep Buff up at forward.

Winnipeg Free Press:  Noel’s note to successor shows ‘quality of the man’ he isCoach Noel is a class act and continued to demonstrate that during what could only be described as a incredibly difficult time in his professional career.

Winnipeg Free Press:  New boss takes chargeNice little power move to cancel the day off and get the guys on the ice to put them through some drills.

Winnipeg Free Press:  Top deck of the MTS Centre getting top-flight renovationsMore room to move around and bigger washroom facilities will make everyone in the upper deck much happier I suspect.

Winnipeg Sun:  Just roll with itIf it works not point in changing it.

Winnipeg Sun:  Pace is high for Jets 1st practice under MauriceHe knows that there was a lot of emotion in that first game and is going to need to ensure he puts his brand on this time right away.

CBC:  Jets launch season-ticket campaignNow we get to see what sort of renewal rates the Jets can garner from season ticket holders!

CBC: Elliotte Friedman’s 30 Thoughts. A late addition yesterday.  It is quite the Winnipeg Jets affair today as they get the preamble as well as the first five of his 30 Thoughts.  The writer of the column David Ebner will be joining the guys tonight on NHL Mid-Week.

Globe and Mail:  Monitor allows teams to push players to physical limit.  Not specifically about the Jets, however Winnipeg is mentioned as one team looking into the technology.

Illegal Curve:  Coach Maurice scrumThe note left by Coach Noel.  Will he reach out to Claude?  Skill of the team and allowing the players to flourish.  First win make it an easier transition?  Status of Evander Kane.  Intense practice.  New impressions of Buff?  Time limit on when he decides where he is going to play Buff?  Different impressions after a few days?  Thoughts on the leadership of this team.