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Note: We are now in the quiet stretch of time which silence may be broken with news of a signing of the remaining RFAs (Kupari, Stanley & Chisholm) as well as a potential free agent or two.

Jets news:

Winnipeg Sun: Morgan Barron itching to get back on the ice with Jets, and stop talking about his scary head wound. Scott caught up with the Jets forward following his signing of his new contract with Winnipeg.

Morgan Barron stretched out

Photo Credit: Colby Spence (Illegal Curve)

Moose news:

Illegal Curve Hockey: Former Moose goalie Evan Cormier signs with Charlotte Checkers. The organization has a glut of goalies so this move isn’t a big surprise.

Manitoba hockey video:

Winnipeg Sports Talk: Mark Stone on winning the Stanley Cup and bringing it home to Winnipeg to celebrate. Andrew “Hustler” Paterson sat down with Vegas Golden Knights captain Mark Stone at Breezy Bend Country Club during his day of celebration with the Stanley Cup. They discuss the Golden Knights path to winning it all in the playoffs and celebrating in his hometown.