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Note: The Jets are in offseason mode but is there really ever an offseason? If there is any news we will have it for you here.

Note II: The Moose are also now in offseason mode. We concluded the season last Thursday with an End of Season Roundtable. We’ve also complied all the links to the end of season media availabilities here.

Note III: Jets 2022 1st rounder Brad Lambert is a WHL Champion and is off to the Memorial Cup in Kamloops, BC. That tournament gets underway on Friday and Seattle will take on Peterborough on Saturday afternoon.

Jets news:

Winnipeg Free Press: A Jets fan to the end. (Paywall). When I speak about the importance of community whether it be on our show and the folks who participate in the chat or online communities like Winnipeg Jets reddit, these folks have found in each other, people who want to talk about their favourite hockey team and it creates a real sense of community. Justin Deleau aka Ice Dragon (seen below at a Whiteout Street Party) was one of those people. He is remembered in this article by Mike.

Photo Credit: Colby Spence (Illegal Curve) Niederreiter bracing for tough offseason decisions ahead of Jets. Really insightful comments from the Swiss born forward on how the city gets a bad rap for those who only get a superficial taste of what it is like to be here. He cites how players are treated very well by the organization and how passionate the fan base.

Ice news:

Global News: WHL always part of Winnipeg’s hockey fabric. It is going to be truly fascinating to see how this plays out. Will they stay or will they go?