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Note: We will have three extra shows this month including one with a focus on the Seattle Expansion Draft this Wednesday July 21st, the 1st round of the NHL Draft on Friday July 23rd as well as a Free Agency Round Up show on Wednesday July 28th.

Note II: The NHL released every teams protected list on Sunday morning including the Jets and it was just as many expected with the local club choosing to protect Logan Stanley and exposing Mason Appleton and Dylan DeMelo.  Check out the full list here.

Jets news:

Sportsnet: Exposing DeMelo to expansion draft a risky move for Jets’ Cheveldayoff. Ken’s last line will certainly be the most relevant if the Jets end up losing DeMelo and do not hit two home runs in free agency or via trade.

Winnipeg Sun: Jets protect Stanley over DeMelo for expansion draft. Paul reacts to yesterday’s reveal.

Dylan DeMelo scaled

Photo Credit: Colby Spence (Illegal Curve)

Winnipeg Free Press: Jets keep D-man Stanley, leave DeMelo unprotected. (Paywall). Mike gives you his thoughts on Sunday’s protected list from the local NHL club.

The Athletic Winnipeg: Jets protection list: Will they lose Dylan DeMelo to the Kraken? (Paywall). Murat goes over the list of players protected and unprotected by Winnipeg and then gives you his projection. 

Sportsnet: 10 most intriguing players left unprotected. In a 30 team league this is one of those instances when you’d prefer to be lumped in with the majority and not the minority. However Chris puts the Jets on this list due to their exposing Dylan DeMelo.

Canadian Hockey League: Jets prospect pipeline. They take a look at three players who played CHL hockey (or are still playing there) from the Winnipeg system including Tyrel Bauer (2020 6th rounder), Declan Chisholm (2018 5th rounder) and Cole Perfetti (2020 1st rounder).

Illegal Curve Hockey Show Podcast:

Topics: Jets set to to submit their protected list for the Seattle Expansion Draft, Will the Jets make a deal with Seattle to avoid losing one of Appleton/Stanley/DeMelo, What are the Jets going to do with Andrew Copp, Jets NHL Draft Preview, Buyouts and trades across the NHL.

Guests: Sean Reynolds (Sportsnet) and Craig Button (TSN Director of Scouting).

To listen click here.