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Winnipeg Jets Morning Papers

CBC:  Winnipeg Jets debut on CBC.  Ron and Don have to be in the MTS Centre.  It is going to be an electric night in Winnipeg.

Winnipeg Sun:  Kane able to think big.  Finally something that actually has to do with hockey, and it isn’t logo controversy.  Let’s hope Winnipeg gets to see Kane realize his potential.

Winnipeg Free Press:  Kane to don Hull’s #9.  Technically he isn’t doing anything wrong, since Winnipeg doesn’t own the Jets 1.0 history anyways, however he received the Golden Jet’s permission just to cover his bases.  Even True North said it was fine:

will evander kane wear bobby hulls no with winnipeg jets

Winnipeg Free Press:  Up close and personal with Ondrej Pavelec.  The Free Press continues their series of introducing you to your Winnipeg Jets.    Has had a lot of success winning both in Junior and the AHL.

Uptown:  There is nothing ‘new’ about it.  Like this explanation as to why the Jets 2.0 are the Jets:

The Winnipeg Jets are the Winnipeg Jets because they were the Winnipeg Jets.

More about the (groan) complaining about the Jets logo, and from ‘Around the NHL’ seems a lot of teams are for sale, might the Coyotes have a buyer – stay tuned till next week and Montreal vs. Quebec City after the jump.

The Manitoban:  Quite ‘yer complaining.  At this point it is moot anyways, since the logo isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, so it’s time to accept it and start supporting your Winnipeg Jets.

Around the NHL:

Dallas Morning News:  Stars sale target now Labor day.  Quite a number of teams in the NHL for sale right now.

Montreal Gazette:  Buying peace with mighty Quebecor, with our money.  Looks like Montreal and other parts of Quebec aren’t enthused about the idea of paying for NHL hockey to return to Quebec City.

Phoenix Business Journal:  Coyotes sale progress coming next week.  Will wait to next week before we start buying that there is a serious group involved.