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Note:  I had a great chat with Jets 2017 3rd rounder Johnny Kovacevic and we will feature that chat on the site starting Friday and into the weekend.

Note II: We had a fun feature on the site yesterday which involved our asking 11 Jets prospects/Moose players what would it sound like if they could chose their own goal songs. Listen and read more here.

Jets news:

Winnipeg Sun:  ‘Hustler’ Paterson returning to airwaves months after suffering terrifying spinal cord injuryWhile it is not specifically Jets news this is great news for the sports community in Manitoba with the return of our good friend Hus and since he usually has a fair bit of Jets hockey talk on The Warmup and The Afternoon Ride I guess it is quite relevant.  Hus gets back on the airwaves this afternoon on TSN 1290.

Winnipeg Free Press:  Jets scout doesn’t need planes, trains or automobiles. (Paywall).  In the conversation I had with Johnny Kovacevic he mentioned how he has had good conversations with Mike Keane and Jimmy Roy throughout the pandemic. 

The Athletic Winnipeg: Seattle Kraken expansion mock draft 5.0: Who could the Jets lose? (Paywall). Even though the Seattle Kraken Expansion Draft is still months away, the Jets are going to lose a good player.  Murat takes a look at how the Jets could be impacted when it comes time for the draft to happen.

Adam Lowry focus on puck

Photo Credit: Colby Spence (Illegal Curve)

Sportsnet:  Forbes shows drop in NHL revenue.  It should come as no surprise given the pandemic that teams are taking a hit financially.  The Jets took a pretty big one.

Jets video:

Sportsnet: Could the Expansion Draft open up trade possibilities for Patrik Laine? Sean Reynolds & Ken Wiebe talk about the idea of Seattle making a big splash in trying to acquire Patrik Laine and what that would mean for the Jets expansion draft plans.

Sportsnet:  Jets have at least one big-time decision to make ahead of Expansion DraftSean Reynolds & Ken Wiebe discuss the likely strategy that the Jets front office will deploy for the Seattle expansion draft, and which players will likely be exposed. Runs just under three minutes.

Jets audio:

TSN 1290 Winnipeg:  Donvito RoundtableJets defenseman Josh Morrissey joined the Donvito Roundtable to discuss his off season and look back on winning a gold medal with Team Canada at the World Juniors.