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Jets news:

The Athletic Winnipeg:  How far away are the Jets from the Stanley Cup champion Lightning?  (Paywall).  The problem with hockey being a copycat league is most teams are incapable of the overhaul their rosters would require in order to “be like the champs” of that last year.  Of course that doesn’t stop them from trying.  Murat examines how far away the local NHL squad is from “being like the champs”.  

Sportsnet:  31 Thoughts Elliotte has two thoughts that pertain to the Jets including #10 (Byfuglien not playing next season) and #12 (Laine and the Jets talking about his role).

The Athletic Winnipeg:  Everything you need to know about the Jets’ plans for the 2020 NHL Draft.  (Paywall).  With the Stanley Cup in the rearview mirror the focus is now squarely on the 2020 NHL Draft which gets underway (virtually) next Wednesday October 6th.  Murat provides you with this primer for the Jets. 

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Jets audio:

TSN 1290 Winnipeg: Jets will likely keep the 10th overall pick. Murat Ates of The Athletic joined Rick Ralph and Darrin Bauming on The Afternoon Ride to discuss what the Jets may do with the 10th overall pick in next week’s NHL draft, how we should characterize this draft, if there are any trades that the Jets might make next week, and of course, the Patrik Laine trade rumors.

TSN 1290 Winnipeg: Laine has a lot more to give. NHL Network analyst Brian Lawton joined Rick Ralph and Darrin Bauming on The Afternoon Ride. They discussed his time as GM of the Lightning, what stood out about Victor Hedman when they drafted him, why the Jets would consider trading Patrik Laine, and why making that trade would be difficult to win.