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Note: This is day 76 since the NHL hit the pause button on the  2019-20 season.

Note II:  The NHL outlined their Return to Play plan which would have the Jets playing the Flames in the opening round.

Jets links: Hellebuyck should win Vezina for play with Jets, Lowry saysHard to argue with that headline.

Illegal Curve:  Jets have until Monday, June 1st to sign three draft picks.   The local  NHL squad has six days left to sign the trio of defencemen.

Jets video:

TSN: Who would hold the edge in an all-Canadian playoff series. If the NHL resumes with 24 teams, Canadian hockey fans would be treated to a Jets and Flames matchup in the play-in round. Just a single point separated them in the standings when the NHL pushed pause. So who would emerge triumphant in a five-game series? Sara Orlesky and Jermain Franklin give their top three reasons why the Jets or Flames could win, in the latest edition of 3-in-3.

Flames vs Jets scaled

Photo Credit: Colby Spence