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Official NHL site: Vesalainen full of confidence for Jets, compares self to Laine. You can see there is a lot of bravado from this young prospect who so far has been able to back it up with his play on the ice.

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Photo Credit: Dave Mahussier

Gazette Extra: Janesville’s Giese climbs NHL scouting ranks for Winnipeg Jets Interesting to read about the life of one of the Jets scouts, and one who sees a lot of the kids who go the college route.

Illegal Curve Hockey Show Replay:

Topics: Analysis of the six-year contract that Connor Hellebuyck signed with the Jets. A look at the four remaining Jets RFAs. A potential contract for Jacob Trouba. Discussion of the situation in Ottawa. Free agency winners and losers.

Guests: James Gordon (The Athletic Ottawa). Lou Korac (Blues correspondent for NHL website). Tyson Nash (TV Analyst for the Arizona Coyotes).

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