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Winnipeg Free Press: City fans a big plus for Wheeler Wheeler appears to be excited to play in front of a packed house.

Audio: Blake Wheeler’s media conference call discussing his signing with the Winnipeg Jets

Winnipeg Free Press:  Happy days are here again.  Winnipeg is finally living up to the potential that so many Winnipegger’s knew it could achieve.  The return of NHL hockey to the city definitely throws off our national inferiority complex.

Winnipeg Free Press:  Wheeler finds a home.   Looks like Blake Wheeler is excited to be a Winnipeg Jet!  As per his twitter account;
Blake Wheeler

Winnipeg Free Press:  Downtown BIZ boosts red shirts complement.  Good move.  With 15,000 people downtown for 40 nights next year, the city is going to have to do whatever it takes to make people feel comfortable.

Toronto Sun:  Blue-collar Jets.  Gonna be a total team effort, and that includes the fans being loud and supporting the team.

More Jets news after the jump as well as news from Around the NHL including Osgood retirement, Tampa Bay changes pre-season game and Mac T doesn’t have the job yet in Chicago.

Winnipeg Sun:  Passion of Jets fans will play a big role.  The MTS Centre is going to be rocking from the first puck drop during exhibition to the final game of the season.

Around the NHL:

M Live:  Red Wings Chris Osgood to announce retirement.  Looks like Osgood will retire and join the Wings staff instead of backing up starter Jimmy Howard next season.  Osgood was a good little goalie who didn’t seem to earn much respect.

TBO: Lightning expected to announce Orlando preseason gameThis game was originally scheduled in Winnipeg but now that we have our own team, the game is being moved to sunny Orlando.

Vancouver Sun:  Canucks, Craig MacTavish have not reached agreement on AHL Wolves coaching job.  I’ve liked the job Mac T’s done on TSN but he will likely be back in a coaching capacity soon.