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Note: While the Jets are not in the playoffs fans of this team were paying close attention to last night’s Game 7 contest between the Blackhawks and Blues.  The trade that sent former Jets captain Andrew Ladd to Chicago would be impacted if the Hawks lost.  It was a nail biter but St. Louis emerged victorious and this ensured that the 1st round pick that Winnipeg received as compensation for Ladd will be either a 22nd or 23rd pick depending on what happens with the Ducks.  The one downside with the result was that the Jets lost the conditional 3rd round pick in 2018 that was contingent on the Hawks winning the Stanley Cup Finals.

Ladd skating at centre ice

Jets news:

TSN:  Much to be gained and lost at draft lottery.  Gary looks at all the teams but for those of you with a Winnipeg bend he examines what the Jets gain most from a top pick and what they lose.

Jets audio:

TSN 1290 Winnipeg:  Hustler and Lawless.  The guys discuss whether Tyler Myers is a part of the future for the Winnipeg Jets.

Moose news:

Illegal Curve:  Moose End of Year Review.  We review the first season back in Winnipeg for the Moose. Game experience and Coach McCambridge not having his contract renewed are first up.