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Note:  Both the Jets and Moose returned home following suffering a loss on Sunday.  The Jets fell 3-1 in Chicago to the Blackhawks and the Moose were demolished by the Marlies 9-0 in Toronto.  Both teams are taking the day off today.

Jets news:

Winnipeg Sun:  Jets not far off last season’s pace.  Ken takes a look at how the Jets compare to last season.

Winnipeg Free Press:  Hawks too much to handle.  (Paywall).  Had the Jets been fresh it may have been an entirely different result but it was pretty clear on that this was a tired squad in the 3rd period.

Winnipeg Sun:  Jets, Hutchinson lose to Hawks.  Ken breaks down the loss to Chicago.

Winnipeg Sun:  More goal reviews for Jets.  So far the Jets have been the beneficiaries of some favourable video reviews.

CBC:  If nothing else, at least Michael Hutchinson had a strong game.  A much better game by Michael Hutchinson who needed to gain back some confidence.  He may want that second goal against back but otherwise he was solid.  Article also looks at 1) Old-time hockey battle 2) The Kane sub-plot and 3) NHL video review.

Photo Credit: Colby Spence

Photo Credit: Colby Spence

Globalnews:  Jets suffer first loss in Chicago since 2013.  While Kane set a new streak another was coming to an end.  Not a bad streak considering how good the Blackhakws are.

Chicago Daily Herald:  Kane’s streak reaches team-record 22 in Blackhawks’ win.  It wasn’t the most spectacular assist of his career but it was sufficient to give him the new record.

Illegal Curve:  Was the Bryan Bickell hit on Dustin Byfuglien fair or foul?  It isn’t often we see big #33 getting knocked down and many thought it was a cheap hit.  What do you think?

Blackhawks 3 Jets 1:

Illegal Curve:  Coach Maurice post-game.  (audio).  Were the 2nd and 3rd scoring opportunities not there tonight?  Being better in the defensive zone.  Thoughts on the overall performance on Hutchinson.  Thoughts on the Bickell hit on Byfuglien.  How scary a moment was it to see the stretcher come out?  A loss is a loss, but does it feel better about the foundation?  How did he know Thorburn’s goal went in?

Moose news:

Globalnews:  Moose tossed around by Toronto Marlies.  While Jets fans were focused on the Jets/Hawks if they kept their eyes on twitter they saw the score continuously get higher and higher.  When the Jets lost 7-0 to Nashville it was pretty ridiculous to a 9-0 loss to Toronto is right up there.